The Thirteenth Doctor (2017-)
Season 37 Season Thirty-Seven (2018): The Ties That Bind
First appearances of Graham, Ryan, Yaz, Grace and the Stenza
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Season Thirty-Seven (2018): The Ties That Bind

The Doctor
The Thirteenth Doctor

Jodie Whittaker has played the Doctor since Twice Upon A Time in December 2017.

Companions and Recurring Characters

A retired bus driver, Graham O'Brien had only married Grace a few years before her untimely death, but chose to be inspired by her tremendous spirit as he joined the Doctor aboard the TARDIS.

Bradley Walsh has played Graham since The Woman Who Fell To Earth in October 2018.

Graham O'Brien

Ryan Sinclair was young man with dyspraxia, struggling with an absentee father and an uneasy relationship with his grandmother Grace's new husband, Graham, when a chance encounter with an alien artefact brought him into the Doctor's orbit.

Tosin Cole has played Ryan since The Woman Who Fell To Earth in October 2018.

Ryan Sinclair

Trainee police constable Yasmin Khan thought that she was being summoned on a routine call, but it not only brought her back in touch with her old school chum, Ryan, but also led to her befriending the Doctor.

Mandip Gill has played Yaz since The Woman Who Fell To Earth in October 2018.

Yasmin Khan

Grace O'Brien's love for life served as an example for her husband, Graham, and her grandson, Ryan, even though her determination to help led to her death at the hands of the Stenza, Tzim-Sha.

Sharon D Clarke played Grace on a recurring basis from The Woman Who Fell To Earth in October 2018 to It Takes You Away in December 2018.


The Production Team

With Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who after almost a decade at the show's helm, his successor as executive producer and showrunner was Chris Chibnall. Joining Chibnall as executive producer in place of Brian Minchin was Matt Strevens. The new producer of Doctor Who, meanwhile, was Alex Mercer.

The Stories
The Woman Who Fell To Earth
The Woman Who Fell To Earth by Chris Chibnall, directed by Jamie Childs
When Ryan Sinclair finds an alien pod in the woods near Sheffield, he summons trainee police officer Yasmin Khan to investigate. At almost the exact same time, his grandmother Grace and her husband Graham are on a train which experiences not one but two alien visitations: first a bio-mechanical cloud of tentacles, and then the semi-amnesiac Doctor, falling from the sky after being ejected from her exploding TARDIS. Even as she deals with the aftermath of her regeneration and the loss of her time machine, the Doctor sets out to stop an innocent human from becoming the victim of a merciless alien hunt.
After they help her defeat Tzim-Sha, the Doctor inadvertently teleports Ryan, Yasmin and Graham with her as she searches for the TARDIS.
The Ghost Monument
The Ghost Monument by Chris Chibnall, directed by Mark Tonderai
The Doctor and her friends are rescued from an icy death in space by two pilots named Angstrom and Epzo, the final two competitors in a race across the galaxy. The final stage of their challenge takes them to a mysterious planet known only as Desolation, where even the water is lethal. Their destination is the Ghost Monument... which the Doctor soon realises must be her missing TARDIS. Reluctantly, the six join forces to cross Desolation and reach the Ghost Monument -- a journey which will force them to uncover the terrible fate of the people who once settled the planet.
Rosa by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall, directed by Mark Tonderai
The TARDIS arrives in Montgomery, Alabama on November 30th, 1955. The Doctor detects artron energy emissions, and becomes concerned that someone is trying to interfere with established history. December 1st, 1955 is the date of a landmark event in the history of American civil rights: seamstress Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat on a segregated bus to a white person. But even as the four friends begin to unravel the machinations of the time-travelling ciminal Krasko, they must also contend with the era's deeply-embedded racism -- a problem that even the Doctor can do little to confront.
Arachnids In The UK
Arachnids In The UK by Chris Chibnall, directed by Sallie Aprahamian
The Doctor brings her companions home to modern-day Sheffield. But while Graham confronts the loneliness of the home he once shared with Grace, the Doctor and Ryan stumble upon the corpse of Yaz's neighbour, covered in spiderwebs. They soon learn that arachnids across the region have been acting strangely in recent months, and the trail of clues leads to a new luxury hotel developed by businessman Jack Robertson, who has abruptly fired Yaz's mum from her position as its manager. Soon the time travellers find themselves trapped inside the building, surrounded by an army of giant spiders.
The Tsuranga Conundrum
The Tsuranga Conundrum by Chris Chibnall, directed by Jennifer Perrott
Injured on a junkyard planet in the 67th century, the TARDIS team wakes up on an emergency medical freighter in deep space. Also on board are a pregnant man named Yoss, who is grappling with giving his baby up for adoption, and decorated pilot Eve Cicero, whose android companion Ronan has been helping her hide the truth about her health from her brother Durkas. The ship's shields are soon penetrated by a Pting, a nigh-invulnerable creature capable of devouring any form of inorganic matter. As the Pting rampages through the freighter, only the Doctor and her friends can save the passengers from destruction.
Demons Of The Punjab
Demons Of The Punjab by Vinay Patel, directed by Jamie Childs
When her grandmother gifts her an old, broken wristwatch, Yaz becomes determined to learn more about her family's history. She convinces the Doctor to steer the TARDIS along the wristwatch's timeline, bringing the four friends to the Punjab in August 1947 during the violent partition of Pakistan from India. There Yaz discovers her grandmother about to marry a man who is not her grandfather, and the Doctor discovers that the region is being stalked by the Thijarians: legendary alien assassins. This time, however, the demons which need to be confronted may not be from outer space...
Kerblam! by Pete McTighe, directed by Jennifer Perrott
For centuries, Kerblam! has been an interplanetary retail behemoth, teleporting goods of all sorts to shoppers across the galaxy. But when the Doctor receives a Kerblam! shipment, inside she finds a message pleading for help. To investigate, she, Graham, Ryan and Yaz pose as new employees at Kerblam! headquarters on the moon of Kandoka. No sooner have they arrived than they discover that members of the small human workforce have been going missing, while the moon itself has been experiencing strange power disruptions. Has the company been infiltrated by a saboteur, or is Kerblam! itself out to get them?
The Witchfinders
The Witchfinders by Joy Wilkinson, directed by Sallie Aprahamian
In the early 17th century, the Doctor and her friends arrive in the village of Bilehurst Cragg, in the shadow of the infamous Pendle Hill. The local landowner, Becka Savage, is convinced that Satanic forces have brought a plague of misfortune to the town, and is determined to eradicate the witches she believes are responsible. The Doctor intercedes only for Becka's crusade to gain support in the form of King James I, who is on a witch-hunting mission of his own. In the face of royal opposition, the TARDIS crew must uncover the truth about the strange events in Bilehurst Cragg, before more innocents are killed.
It Takes You Away
It Takes You Away by Ed Hime, directed by Jamie Childs
In a remote part of Norway, the Doctor and her friends discover a boarded-up cabin concealing a frightened blind girl named Hanne. Hanne's father, Erik, has gone missing, and monstrous noises echo from the surrounding woods. More strangely still, a mirror in Erik's bedroom acts as a portal into a weird realm of rocky passageways and lethal creatures. The Doctor, Graham and Yaz venture through the mirror in search of Erik, while Ryan finds himself uneasily thrust into the role of Hanne's protector. But in order to unravel the mystery, it is Graham who will be confronted with the most difficult choice of his life.
The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos
The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos by Chis Chibnall, directed by Jamie Childs
The TARDIS responds to distress signals from no fewer than nine different alien races, all being transmitted from the same part of the planet Ranskoor Av Kolos. There the time travellers meet Paltraki, the lone survivor of a terrible battle. But Paltraki's memory has been shredded by the violent psychotropic waves blanketing the planet. Only the Doctor and her friends can piece together the trail of clues and discover what is happening on Ranskoor Av Kolos. In order to do so, they must confront the mad god who rules that world: none other than Tzim-Sha, the Stenza warrior who killed Grace.

Making History

Much as it had done in 2010, Doctor Who changed almost completely for its return in 2018, from the cast and creative team to virtually every conceivable design element. The programme even moved away from Saturdays, landing on Sunday evenings on an ongoing basis for the first time in its history. No change was more significant and controversial than the decision to cast Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor. But in the end, the gamble proved to be tremendously successful, with the season premiere, The Woman Who Fell To Earth, earning the highest ratings of any twenty-first-century Doctor's debut.

Special (2019)

The Story
Resolution by Chris Chibnall, directed by Wayne Yip
An archaeological dig in Sheffield uncovers the remains of a Dalek, buried since the 9th century when the combined armies of the Earth barely succeeded in defeating it. Accidentally revived, the Dalek takes control of Lin, one of the members of the dig team, and uses her to construct a new body for itself. The Doctor finds herself in a race against time to save Lin and prevent the Dalek from summoning an invasion fleet. But the Dalek is not the only old ghost who has appeared: Ryan and Graham must contend with their own past when Grace's son Aaron returns to celebrate the New Year with the family he has long neglected.

Making History

On November 14th, 2018 it was announced that a Doctor Who special would not be broadcast on Christmas Day that year, breaking a tradition stretching back to the programme's return in 2005. Instead, a special would air on New Year's Day 2019, January 1st having established itself as another popular day for television with the likes of Sherlock and Mrs Brown's Boys amassing considerable audience figures on that date in recent years.

Season Thirty-Eight (2020)

Making History

On December 9th, 2018 the BBC confirmed that Doctor Who will return for its thirty-eighth season. This came two days after Jodie Whittaker had revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she would be filming a second season as the Thirteenth Doctor. The BBC also announced that Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandeep Gill will all be back as Graham, Ryan and Yaz. However, the next full season will not be broadcast until early 2020, making it likely that the New Year's Day special, Resolution, would be the only Doctor Who story to be broadcast in 2019.

Production on Season Thirty-Eight began on January 7th, 2019. For the second year in a row, location work took place in South Africa.

While Season Thirty-Seven featured exclusively original monsters and villains, Season Thirty-Eight will see the return of the Judoon.